Unimart is the biggest e-commerce company in Costa Rica

Unimart is the biggest e-commerce company in Costa Rica

Unimart is the biggest e-commerce company in Costa Rica

Buy almost everything from the app

Unimart is a retail company, but the heart of their business is the whole experience by the customer and that one behind the scenes coordinating all the preparation and delivery process. Being on the top of the line, technically speaking, and having every day better tools for their users to interact, is key for their success.





React Native

Shopify Plus



One signal


Project Manager

UX / UI designer

Front-end mobile


Unimart iOS and Android App

The main challenges

Bad reviews on the last app

Engagement from the customer and the user experience, in general, was not the expected by a high level company like Unimart.

Payment method

Painful payment process for the consumer by selecting the method they want to use, It lacked a good user experience.

Features limitations on Shopify

The black box of some of the functionalities in the web created some differences with the app.

Understanding The Buying process

Unimart is the most used e-commerce in Costa Rica, but the web page was the most used product so, the users were used to the website structure, so we kept attach to that in order to maintain the user flow similar.

Setting Styles

Design process

We complete an analysis to try to give the best user experience while the customer is using the app.

Roberto | Co-Founder

“Besides being a highly qualified team in the technical and UX work, they have a startup mentality which makes them very agile to execute. This does not mean that they are not organized, for the opposite, they are highly structured in all areas. From the beginning, they understood our goals and have helped us achieve them without buts or excuses. We genuinely feel that the Akurey members with whom we work on a day-to-day basis are part of our own team.”

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