Goodbye credit cards!


Unify all your bank accounts in one app

Zunify is a payment network that unifies the financial system in a single application to facilitate the payments experience. It offers you freedom and security when paying on site or online, by unifying your bank accounts on your cell phone (mobile app). It is intuitive, fast and practical, which guarantees you a better payment experience in your favorite merchants.

The merchantes would have available a backoffice (web app) where they would control all the interactions between the customers and one point of sale (web app) to create charges to those.






React JS

React Native



UX / UI Designers

Front-end Mobile Engineers

Front-end Web Engineers

Back-end Engineers


Scrum Master


Zunify App (iOS and Android)

Business Web App

Point of sale (POS)

The main challanges

FinTech Platform Security

Build an infrastructure that is able to counterattack the risks of handling money transactions on behalf of the users.

Robust & Well-Structure Database

Build a strong database and stable that’s able to change depending on the future integrations requirements.

Multiple Integrations

Zunify is a payment platform, it means new integrations are daily tasks: new stores, websites, locations, payment methods are the constants, So, the API and databases have to be as dynamic and flexible as possible.

Understanding The Process

This new technology in Costa Rica is pretty new, so, it was a challenge to keep the app as easy to use as possible in order to achieve great results and the population start using it.

Setting Styles

Design System for the website platform

Business Web App

Mobile POS

User App

Juan Monge | CEO & Founder

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