Creating genuine connections for a sense of beloging

What is CultureHQ's

CultureHQ’s new tool is taking a non-traditional and more effective approach to inclusion. It uses a proven method to reach all employees, builds trust among them faster, and provides rich analytics to measure impact over time.




Ruby on Rails




Project Managment

Front-end Developers


Web app

The Process

We have aligned in cycles with the team of Culture HQ to bring new features and improvements to life. From a new idea, we evaluate how it can be implemented and which would be the best course of action for it. Once the plan is in place, we develop. We deploy, evaluate and repeat. It is a cycle of continuous improvement.


This startup on the rising had great ideas but was in the need of a team to develop them. Akurey jumped in to bring those ideas to life implementing the best solution possible and pitching in with ideas to keep the platform up to the latest technology trends.


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