A communication platform for everyone who loves someone who needs help.

The application connects friends, families and caregivers, to help organize visits, medications, appointments, and overall progress of the loved one.

A difficult situation inspired a young entrepreneur.

The idea for Carely came to Mike Eidsaune after a personal experience with a family member. Watch the video to learn more.

THe Challenge

Carely first approached AKUREY with a functioning app developed overseas.

They required to implement new high quality features its previous provider wasn’t capable of achieving.

how he helped
  • Reduce the communication barrier created by the language and time zone difference.
  • Offer high scale-ability for fast growth.
  • Team proficient in a wide variety of technologies.
  • Project management and Team building.
  • Innovation, prioritization and market entry.
  • Partnership opportunities.
The process

Feature improvements and constant optimizations

Quality Assurance and testing with real users

Integration with existing services

Iterative feature development (Agile Methodology)

Iterative feature development
(Agile Methodology)

Integration with existing services

Quality Assurance and testing with real users

Feature improvements and constant optimizations








SQL Server



Project Manager

Backend Developers

Front-end Developers

UX / UI Designer



iOS & Android App

Thanks to the Akurey team’s hard work, we’ve been able to turn our vision of two-way, real-time messaging between families and providers a reality. The team has shown flexibility when our development road map has changed, and they’ve been very supportive of our mission: to improve the care experience for families everywhere!
Mike Eidsaune | CEO

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